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Recent Comments

    Bulk Email Software and Email Lists

    Delivering outstanding Business marketing results

    Are you looking to quickly increase your web site traffic and exposure to your business?

    Since 2009, Global Lists – Bulk Email Software and Email Lists Superstore has provided straight-forward personalized customer service to its clients. We continuously work with the most reliable, prominent and profitable marketing methods and techniques in the industry.

    Our marketing experience combined with our proven lists has allowed us to produce a highly effective and precise collection of direct email marketing software & services that work.

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    or Purchase Now

    Why choose Global Lists for your Needs?

    Whether you choose to take control of your own marketing projects using our easy-to-use bulk email management software or have us manage and execute targeted campaigns for you, we take the time necessary to assist you in designing and executing effective online advertising that works.

    • Over 10 Years of internet advertising & email marketing & bulk email software experience.
    • Step by step personalized assistance by phone, email or chat.
    • Powerful marketing methods that bring traffic to your web site.

    From small businesses & individuals to large multinationals worldwide, we can help ensure your marketing spend yields a positive return on investment.

    Our experienced staff will direct you to the perfect solution for your internet marketing needs. Call us today.

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    Software To: Build Email Lists

    Automatically Build Precise Targeted Email Lists with a Click of a Button!

    Our Email Collector email software was designed to Build Targeted Email Address Lists at phenominal speed.

    It uses up to 20 search engines concurrently to query for your keywords and phrases in order to locate web pages with the email addresses you are looking for.

    Unlike many email collectors that extract email addresses, downloads only the text of an html page without graphics or other associated links. The result: Quicker downloading of matched page results and super fast email extracting speeds!

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    Software To: Clean Email Lists

    Prepare & Manage Email Lists with the Most Advanced Email List Management Tool

    Our Program is a high powered email list management application that enables you to manage your email address lists quickly and easily.

    The software program does not “Collect” or “Send” emails, instead it is designed to process your remove/unsubscribe lists, prepare, filter and clean your data just before your campaign is sent. Proper list preparation is one of the most integral and important parts in executing legally compliant email marketing campaigns.

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    Software To: Send Email Campaigns

    Email Broadcast Software – Send Your Own Email Campaigns with a Click of a Button!

    Our full line of email broadcast marketing software displayed below will enable its user to transmit small or large quantities of email messages at super-high speed. All broadcasting software can be evaluated for free before you make a purchase.

    Download the program/s of your choice, import your email list and load your ad creative into the software interface. With a few clicks of a button your advertising campaigns are distributed with ease.

    All software includes free technical support by phone, email, or direct real-time chat through our web site.

    If you have any questions whatsoever regarding any of our broadcast email software products & services, please feel free to contact us.

    Search Our Database & Build an Email List

    Customize Your List, Order & Download!

    Step 1) Search by: City, State, County or Post Code Radius
    Step 2) Review your list count.
    Step 3) Place your order and your lists are emailed to you!

    Business Email Lists – Include the Following Fields: email address, description, company name, contact name, contact title, street address, city, state, post code, county, phone number, fax number, company web site, revenue & number of employees.

    Consumer Email Lists – Include the Following Fields: email address, first name, last name, birth date, gender, street address, city, state, post code, county & phone number. Time stamp, IP and website source are also included with each record.

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    Consumer Email Lists

    Over 1,642 Billion EU and South African Opt-in Email List Available!

    Buy complete data email lists by Country, Region or City at Global Lists.

    Whether you are looking for a Spanish email list or an Johannesburg email list finding specific email marketing lists is simple.

    All of our state specific consumer email lists are broken down by state and are displayed in an easy to understand grid so you can pin point what you need quickly and effortlessly.

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    Business Email Lists

    624.5 million business data records with email addresses

    * Data Includes: Email Address, Description, , Company Name, Contact, Contact Title, Street Address, County, City, State, Post Code, Phone, Fax, Revenue, # of Employees & Company Website.

    Leave the work to us! Using our data will allow your business to shift its efforts away from compiling, cleaning and maintaining your data to focusing on what’s most important – email marketing itself.

    All records are in a CSV (comma delimited format) for easy import and management. If you have any questions regarding any of our business email address lists, please feel free to contact us.

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    We Can Design, Send & Track Your Campaigns. Start to Finish

    Powerful Email Advertising Campaigns at Your Finger Tips.

    From initial consultation to set-up & execution, Global Lists offers a simple approach to promote your business through the power of email advertising! When you are marketing a product or service for your business, the key to success lies in getting your promotion in front of the eyes of precisely targeted prospective buyers.

    Whether your business is online or offline, direct email marketing is a powerful and cost effective advertising medium.

    If you have any questions regarding our direct email marketing campaigns, please feel free to contact us.

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    Campaigns To: Increase Website Traffic

    We Deliver 1,000s of Visitors to Your Site Via Targeted Pup-Unders

    Buy Targeted Traffic at Discounted Prices

    As web site promotion specialists, we can expose your business to millions of targeted internet users while effectively branding your product or service. With the most cost effective packages on the internet, you don’t have to worry about high advertising overhead.

    Just sit back and enjoy your return on investment while we unleash the power of targeted guaranteed traffic to your web site or business!

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    Highly Stable and Secure Bulk Email

    Bulk Email Sending Servers

    •  High Speed
    •  Solid & Reliable
    •  Un-metered Use

    As you may already know, many ISPs have strict Terms of Service (TOS) or Acceptable Use Policies (AUP) against large scale delivery of advertising or promotional emails.

    If your ISP receives complaints or discovers that you are using your account to broadcast large volumes of email messages they will likely disconnect and shut down your account.

    Bullet Proof Bulk Email Sending Servers You Can Rely On

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    Billions of text messages (SMSs) are sent around the world every day. Most of them are personal, but increasing numbers are being sent by businesses.

    SMS and MMS marketing can be very effectively used as a means of instant communication to clients such as; informing them about changes in current affairs such as news, sporting results or updates or for marketing and advertising purposes such as specials of the day, price promotions or general communication and reminders such as directions, service and appointment reminders.

    Global Lists is experienced and proficient at launching mobile marketing campaigns, and if you require mobile numbers either as a list or appended to your databases for your own internal marketing then we can help you. In addition we can advise on content for SMS messaging and we can help you with your broadcasting and deployment. Mobile Marketing is still in its infancy but due to the reach ability of SMS and MMS, mobile marketing will become part of your marketing mix, sooner or later!

    With rates that can be as low as $.05 per message (we provide the SMS and the profiled data) – campaigns can be dispatched within an hour, and for your Piece of Mind all our Lists are 100% opt in!


    At Global Lists, data services are our core business and we pride ourselves in being the industry leader in supplying quality database services to Call Centres Globally.

    Showing the same commitment to preserving the integrity of customer information throughout the entire marketing cycle, our Call Centre lists have the best contact ability in the market.

    With inbound and outbound experience within both the business and consumer arenas we will be able to structure a campaign that will be right for your organisation.

    To learn more about Global Lists Solutions, please contact us today.

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    Accurate postal mailing lists are critical to the success of your marketing efforts.

    At Global Lists, we understand your need for comprehensive, up-to-date postal lists that will produce the results you need to market your business effectively.

    Every information source we utilize must pass stringent requirements for completeness and accuracy. Once the data is added to our files, it is updated on a continual basis.

    From small, home-office businesses to the largest companies in the world, our Business database has the coverage and accuracy that is sure to make your B2B marketing campaign a success.

    To learn more about Global Lists data products and services, please contact us today.

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    Every Industry imaginable we Cover!

    Clients from every consumer-facing industry turn to Global Lists to discover ways in which they can leverage data in both traditional direct marketing and the digital landscape to strengthen existing relationships, attract new customers, increase both online and offline sales, reduce costs and improve the ROI from their marketing efforts.

    Combining Global Lists’s industry-leading direct marketing databases with the unmatched expertise of experienced analysts, we provide clients with the comprehensive, reliable and customizable insights that matter most to their businesses.

    At Global Lists we work across the following industries:

    • Agencies
    • Automotive
    • Consumer Packaged Goods
    • Financial Services
    • Media
    • Mobile
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Retail
    • Technology and Telecommunications
    • Retirement
    • University and Academic
    Global Lists Email Marketing Software & Lists a Division of