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Call Centre Lists

At Global Lists, data services are our core business and we pride ourselves in being the industry leader in supplying quality database services to Call Centres Globally.

Showing the same commitment to preserving the integrity of customer information throughout the entire marketing cycle, our Call Centre lists have the best contact ability in the market.

So why not reduce your telecoms bill by 20 – 40% by using our data/lists? Our outsourced call centres, their teams and project managers are dedicated to providing a flexible service committed to the highest of standards and are fully integrated with all response capabilities (phone, fax, web, email, SMS) and offers all outsource services.

With inbound and outbound experience within both the business and consumer arenas we will be able to structure a campaign that will be right for your organisation.

Outbound (National & International)

  • Lead Generation & Qualification
  • Direct Mail Follow Up & Interest Identification
  • Appointment Setting
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer acquisition
  • Ccustomer activation
  • Customer retention
  • List Cleaning
  • List & Data Enhancement
  • Conference, Exhibition & Seminar Attendee recruitment
  • Market research
  • List Testing
  • List Building


  • Product Information & Brochure Request Lines
  • Attendance Registration Lines
  • Enquiry Lines

To learn more about Global Lists Automotive Solutions, please contact us today.

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