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Building Email List

Automatically Build Precise Targeted Email Lists with a Click of a Button!

Global Lists email software was designed to Build Targeted Email Address Lists at phenominal speed. Global Lists uses up to 20 search engines concurrently to query for your keywords and phrases in order to locate web pages with the email addresses you are looking for.

Global Lists queries the search engines and visits the web pages with a signature of a well known browser to keep webmasters from denying you of service. Global Lists then scans the body text of each URL returned by the search and verifies that the keywords or phrases actually exist on the page before collecting any email addresses.

Global Lists, unlike many email collectors that extract email addresses, downloads only the text of an html page without graphics or other associated links. The result: Quicker downloading of matched page results and super fast email extracting speeds!

One of the newest and most useful features built-in to our latest version of Global Lists email extracting software is its ability to run continuous back to back searches.

After reading about the Key Benefits below, why not contact us to see Global Lists in action for yourself!

Key Benefits

  • Free working demo, download and try before you purchase.
  • 21 Major Search Engines for deep and thorough searches
  • Extract email addresses by loading unlimited quantities of keywords for continuous “hands-free” list building!
  • Ability to skip ahead as many levels as you wish during a subsequent search of the same keywords
  • Configurable Multi-Threaded software for maximum bandwidth usage
  • Ability to check and download the newest search engine data file for quick software updates and changes.
  • Configurable to verify your search keywords actually exist in the body of the web page
  • Ability to extract emails from a specified URL with the option of ignoring links to web pages on other domains
  • Ability to extract emails from a text file of URLs you specify.
  • Stores URLs, web page title, search engine and what level of the search the email was found
  • Graphical chart to display what percentage of emails each search engine produced
  • Removes duplicates during email addresses extraction
  • Extract email addresses from password restricted web sites
  • Ability to Include Only or Exclude Emails based on keywords you specify
  • Ability to Include Only or Exclude URLs based on keywords you specify
  • Full Dialup Networking support that will connect for you if your connection is lost
  • Ability to disconnect your phone line upon completion of the search
  • Ability to log online time for billing purposes
  • Ability to log all unique domains discovered during searches
  • Ability to log emails/unique domains/unique urls in real time as they are compiled
  • Ability to enter username and password combos for all restricted sites.
  • Visited URL count in the status bar so that you can see how many pages Global Listse-mail collector has visited
  • Ability to save your search result’s URL cache (memory) and load it in again for future searches. (URL cache is kept to eliminate duplicate page visits.)
  • No more querying one keyword at a time. Global Lists’s latest feature enables its user to import large lists of keywords for non-stop continuous email list extraction
  • Built-in Help File makes getting started EASY!
  • Interested? Upon receipt of your order, your software registration is emailed to you to unlock/enable the software for unlimited use.
  • Unlimited technical support and product walk throughs are included free of charge.
Start to Extract E-mail Addresses with Global Lists Collector Software – Extracting Email has never been Easier!

FREE trial available for only $299 (includes all phone, email and chat technical support)


Software Price
Global Lists Email Collector
Global Lists Email Collector Software Bundle (Includes 3 Marketing Tools)
Was: $617 Now: $497



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