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Send Email Campaings

We Offer 2 Email Broadcasting Software Products – Choose the Software that Best Suits Your Needs

Email Broadcast Software – Send Your Own Email Campaigns with a Click of a Button!

Our full line of email broadcast marketing software displayed below will enable its user to transmit small or large quantities of email messages at super-high speed. All broadcasting software can be evaluated for free before you make a purchase. Download the program/s of your choice, import your email list and load your ad creative into the software interface. With a few clicks of a button your advertising campaigns are distributed with ease. All software includes free technical support by phone, email, or direct real-time chat through our web site. If you have any questions whatsoever regarding any of our broadcast email software products & services, please feel free to contact us.

Software that makes Self-Managed Email Broadcasting Work!

All of the email broadcasting software in our product line below include the following list of important features all of which have a dramatic effect on your email campaigns’ conversion and response:

Get these Great Benefits

  • Personalization: Merge clients’ first & last name to ensure better open and click-thru rates.
  • Monitoring results: Get detailed reports on deliverability, open rates, and click-thru rates.
  • Scalability: You have the flexibility in sending hundreds to millions of emails. Our software has the ability to handle your email volume as your business grows.
  • Ability to handle HTML newsletters – HTML ad copies are know to generate a better response rate than ad copies in plain-text format. Our email broadcast software allows you to create, manage, and send in both formats.
  • Database and Application Integration – Our mass email marketing software offers you the ability to import data from existing applications and databases like Oracle, SQL Server, Access, MySQL, FoxPro and Microsoft Excel. Have an address book in Microsoft Outlook? Perfect. You can import your contacts into our software in seconds!
  • Technical support – If you’re an average Internet user without much technical knowledge you may require support for your software product. Bulk Email Superstore is there for you if you have any questions regarding the setup of your software. We offer technical support by phone, email, or real-time chat directly through our web site

1. Intro Email

Send your bulk email marketing campaigns at blazing speeds up to 200,000 emails per hour! Our system “fuels” completely managed HTML email campaigns with EXTREME ease. Email broadcasts have never been easier and more affordable. The  Email platform features built-in campaign tracking that gives its user the ability to monitor how many emails have been sent and opened.

The tracking system also logs the number of recipients who clicked on a link within your email ad and the number of unsubscribes from your email list. Schedule your campaigns to drop on any day at any pre-set time without being present. Integrates relevant CAN-SPAM law mandates into an easy to use web based email marketing system ensuring customers have the tools to be fully compliant with the latest email marketing laws .

Distribute your email advertising campaigns with ease without losing your ISP! A MUST SEE! –

FREE trial available !

2. Corporate Mailer

Corporate Mailer is a powerful database driven email marketing software program.

Corporate Mailer is a professional email broadcast software system used for contacting targeted email lists directly from your computer desktop. This email software program allows you create and build powerful opt-in newsletters and email marketing campaigns in minutes. Managing opt-in email lists of your subscribers, creating personalized messages, email broadcasting HTML newsletters, sending account statements, statistics, reports, and bills to your customers has never been easier.

Using Corporate Mailer is an effective and reliable way to broadcast permission-based email marketing in no time at all!

FREE trial available!

Price $189.00 (includes all phone, email, and chat technical support)

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