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Industry Solutions

Clients from every consumer-facing industry turn to Global Lists to discover ways in which they can leverage data in both traditional direct marketing and the digital landscape to strengthen existing relationships, attract new customers, increase both online and offline sales, reduce costs and improve the ROI from their marketing efforts.

Combining Global Lists’s industry-leading direct marketing databases with the unmatched expertise of experienced analysts, Global Lists Industry Solutions provide clients with the comprehensive, reliable and customizable insights that matter most to their businesses.

At Global Lists we work across the following industries:

  • Agencies

Global Lists Solutions provide the industry’s leading advertising agencies with the detailed insights needed to develop superior media plans and stay ahead in this dynamic environment.

  • Automotive

Global Lists Automotive Solutions provide insights into the research patterns, behaviors and attitudes of vehicle purchasers, empowering automotive manufacturers, agencies and third parties to make important business decisions.

  • Consumer Packaged Goods

Global Lists CPG Solutions allow industry marketers to accurately pinpoint target audiences, gain insight into the competitive landscape and precisely measure the effectiveness of their digital marketing efforts

  • Financial Services

Global Lists Financial Services Solutions offer the world’s leading bankers, lenders, brokers and insurers the data-driven insights they need to guide their strategic digital marketing decisions.

  • Media

Global Lists Media Solutions address the daily challenges agencies, online publishers, and traditional media face in this rapidly shifting media environment. So whether you are looking for data for a mobile, postal or email blast we got it covered.

  • Mobile

Global Lists Mobile Solutions offer a comprehensive suite of products designed to address the unique needs of the mobile industry. From simple SMS blasts to more detailed location based campaigns.

  • Pharmaceutical

Global Lists Pharmaceutical Solutions deliver actionable insights to help brand marketers identify and optimize their traditional and digital initiatives.

  • Retail

Global Lists Retail Solutions allow marketers to understand both the traditional and the emerging online retail landscape in South Africa, create superior marketing strategies and identify changes in consumers’ behavior and attitudes as they move through the purchase funnel.

  • Technology and Telecommunications

Global Lists Technology Solutions provide unparalleled insight into technology usage and trends, allowing industry marketers to better understand the technology landscape and create superior marketing strategies.

  • Retirement

In an ever-expanding senior market, Global Lists’s database and direct marketing solutions can help you reach the right audiences, – including seniors and adult/child decision influencers – with relevant and timely messages.

  • University and Academic

Global Lists University and Academic Solutions provide professors, researchers and students with accurate, reliable and comprehensive media intelligence needed to help them better understand the ever-changing landscape.

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