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Email Marketing Campaign Services

Powerful Email Advertising Campaigns at Your Finger Tips

From initial consultation to setup & execution, Bulk Global Lists offers a simple approach to promote your business through the power of email advertising!

When you are marketing a product or service for your business, the key to success lies in getting your promotion in front of the eyes of precisely targeted prospective buyers.

Whether your business is online or offline, direct email marketing is a powerful and cost effective advertising medium. If you have any questions regarding our direct email marketing campaigns, please feel free to contact us.

Email Campaigns & Email Marketing Services


Our e-mail database is cleaned and maintained on a consistent basis to insure that each e-mail record is verified for accuracy and deliverabilty. Fresh email data is appended to our database on a weekly basis and is parsed through a robust filtration process before it is pulled and prepared for email marketing campaigns. Data is then “washed” against our current “unsubscribe” list, “string” filter, “ISP” filter and validation script. Cleaner lists result in greater returns and conversions per email sent.


Global Lists  proprietary email list database management software allows us to complete basic or complex data pulls in minutes. Whatever your needs may be, data can be compiled on the fly and advertising campaigns can be created, prepared and executed in as quickly as 1 business day.


Why choose Global Lists for your email marketing campaign? The answer is simple. We broadcast 100% of our emails in accordance with the Can Spam Act. All of our servers are prepared with latest email broadcasting platforms to ensure that all of our campaigns are always sent in compliance with the latest email marketing laws and mandates. All campaigns also incorporate statistical reports which include: Start and completion times of your campaign, the quantity of emails delivered, the number of opens or how many prospects have read your email and the number of click through’s to your site. Statistics are emailed to you upon completion of your advertising campaign.

Email Campaign Prices

Place an Order

# of Emails Delivered
Cost p/ Thousand
100,000 $99.00 $1.00 Mainstream traffic order form online
250,000 $199.00 $0.89 Mainstream traffic order form online
400,000 $249.00 $0.62 Mainstream traffic order form online
2,000,000 $399.00 Special $0.19 Mainstream traffic order form online
3,000,000 $549.00 $0.18 Mainstream traffic order form online
10,000,000 $1499.00 $0.15 Mainstream traffic order form online
25,000,000 $1999.00 $0.08 Mainstream traffic order form online
50,000,000 $2499.00 $0.05 Mainstream traffic order form online

Global Lists offers our clients two different types of email advertising services:

General Email Marketing Campaigns

Could your product or service be of interest to virtually anyone? Global Lists offers a cost effective way to advertise your product or service which does not require being placed in front of a specific targeted group of people.  For instance, if your company is a retailer of a appliances like microwave ovens, computers, or television sets, you would be best off directing your email campaign to the general internet population.  Since anyone could have an interest in these types of items, our general bulk email delivery services would the perfect choice for your campaign.

Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns

Does your product or service need to be placed in front of the eyes of a specific group of individuals? Increase conversions and positive response by directing your advertising campaign to a targeted audience.

We can target your email advertising campaign to consumers or businesses based on Interest, Hobby, Gender, Age, Occupation, Industry, State, City, or Country!  Whatever you are looking for, getting what you need is simple. Just select a campaign size you wish to go with and we’ll ask you a few questions during the checkout process to help narrow down your targeted audience for just an additional $249.

Setting up your Email Campaign is Simple.

Here is how it works:

1) Prepare your ad copy or message for your campaign and save it to a text file, html file or Word document.

2) Next create a Subject Line that you would like to use for your outbound messages. Its best to use something that is short, concise, builds interest and is not more than 4 – 5 words in length. Strong subject lines have a better chance of capturing the attention of your prospective audience. The use of an enticing “benefit statement” is an excellent way to increase response and the open rate linked to your campaigns.

3) Click an “Add to Cart” button next to the campaign package that best suits your needs. You will be directed to our order form to step you through the process.

4) Campaigns are normally initiated within 1-2 business days.

5 ) Once your campaign begins, statistics are logged and tracked on our servers. Details include: Beginning and ending times of your campaign, the quantity of emails delivered, the number of opens or how many prospects have read your email and the number of click through’s to your web site. All email marketing campaign statistics are emailed to you upon completion of your campaign.

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